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Take control of your opt-in consent. 

Express Consent works with sellers of all types to ensure you can be contacted by the companies you want to hear from, and aren't bothered by the ones you don't. 

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It's your info and your consent, so how come you don't have full control over it?

Express Consent works directly with retailers to ensure your consent for contact is setup exactly the way you want it. You control how you're contacted. You control how often you're contacted. And you decide if you wish to withdraw your consent to be contacted. 


Sometimes you want to be contacted. Sometimes you don't.

The trick with consent to contact is sometimes you want retailers to contact you. Your favorite auto dealership when your lease is up and they have a great special on a new vehicle. Or your favorite pizza place when pizza's are just $5.99 each. But you may not want random health insurance brokers calling you at all hours. Express-Consent lets you give consent to those retailers you want to hear from... without giving it to those you don't.


Authorize retailers you want to hear from.

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Remove consent from retailers you don't want to hear from.


For authorized retailers, set how often you want contact.


What Express Consent Users Say

“I got a text from my dealership and initially clicked on Express Consent to unsubscribe. But when I saw I could control how often they texted me, I just changed it from monthly to quarterly. I actually do want to hear from them if the new Audi RS4 goes on sale.”

Joe D.

"We use Express Consent to manage our customers opt-in consent. We really, really don't want to bug our customers, but we want to be able to text them about up-coming services on their heater or air conditioner. Express Consent makes that simple. 

Jeff W.

"I told Express Consent one of the local RV stores could contact me with specials. Then I forgot all about it. I was literally driving around looking at RV's when the dealer texted me about a special. I just drove right over. Pretty neat."

Diane E.

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